Terms and Conditions

Hoda Gabali Company operates this website and is a Canadian company established by artist Hoda Elgabali. By visiting this site, you unconditionally agree to all the Terms and Conditions stated here and below. The Company reserves the right to exercise considerable discretion in making any modification it deems necessary to this website, such as changing prices, products, services, offers or anything related to the website, including discontinuing services without notice. You are responsible for checking this website and reading the Terms and Conditions frequently to stay updated.

You are obligated not to use, duplicate, copy, sell, or download any portion of this website without the express permission from the artist on each portion used by any other individual.

Customers will have access to a third-party website. Currently, all prints will be handled by the third party’s website, so it is your responsibility to know and adhere to all the policies and practices of the third party’s website before engaging in any transactions. The feedback and experience of the third party make them liable. We are not responsible for the accuracy and information displayed, nor the packaging and shipping costs or other services, materials or products of third parties. Prior to purchasing prints from a third-party website, please read their instructions carefully to know your responsibilities.

All transaction receipts will be released with an order number for each item from the Company attached with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

Payments can be conducted through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, PayPal will direct you to a link where you can add your credit card information.

Payments may also me be made by e-transfer or wire transfer. Contact the artist at info@helgabalifineart.com to use these methods. Taxes will be calculated at checkout and a receipt will be sent to the customer.

Storage, packaging, and shipping methods of original paintings will differ depending on the artist’s place of residence at the time of ordering. Consequently, paintings shipped from Canada are delivered by PACART (Canadian Service), http://pacart.ca/, or Canada Post, and paintings shipped from Egypt are delivered by UPS United Parcel Service of America https://www.ups.com/us/en/global.page.

Oil paintings require more time to dry than acrylics, with oils taking 2-6 weeks, and acrylics requiring 3 days. At time of order, you will be sent an email detailing the estimated time for painting delivery. All prints will be shipped according to the timeline established on the third-party website.

Paintings are priced by size in linear inches (height + width) × ($4) for abstract painting, and for all other themes (height + width) × ($20).

The artist guarantees that every original painting is authentic. Technically, the artist adds 2 layers of Gesso before painting, professional brand paints, and varnish for acrylic paintings. Artistically, the materials, tooling, style and subject of each piece are recognizable as belonging to Hoda Elgabali, the artist.

Each original painting is a unique artwork, so no duplicate exists, but reproduction prints are available on select third party websites that will include the artist’s signature on each piece.